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Wave® system IV

Wave® music system IV

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This product is no longer available for purchase on our website. However, we are still supporting the Wave® music system IV and offering a selection of accessories.

You can find useful information about related products like our Smart Speakers below. And if you own a Wave music system IV, you can find additional resources in the support and accessories sections. 


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Wave is gone, but not forgotten.

While we may no longer be selling the Wave music system IV, we haven’t forgotten about Wave owners. We still offer free technical support. You can also contact us by phone or text if you have an issue that can’t be solved using our troubleshooting guide, or information found in the product manual or owner’s guide, which are still available to download.


What different audio devices can I play through the Wave music system IV?

Aside from its built-in AM/FM radio and CD/MP3 CD player, the Wave music system IV can play audio from most of today’s portable music devices. The standard 3.5 mm AUX in input accepts MP3 and DVD/CD players, and even older audio cassette players.

Does the Wave® music system IV work with Wi-Fi®?

No, but we offer speakers and soundbars that do. Learn more about our Smart Home products.

Can I use the Wave® music system IV as part of my home wireless network?

No, the Wave music system IV does not have Wi-Fi capability. However, our Smart Home Family of products work together to let you play music wirelessly throughout your home. Hear the same music everywhere, or different music in different rooms.

Does the Wave music system IV offer dual independent alarms?

Yes. Two different wakeup times may be set, customized for each person's preferences (radio station or beep, volume, etc.). This is handy if two people wake at different times.

How many CDs can I load into the Wave music system IV?

The Wave music system IV has one CD slot.

Can I use headphones with the Wave music system IV?

Yes. The Wave music system IV comes with a headphone jack.

What is the Wave music system IV warranty period?

The Wave music system IV is backed by a limited one-year warranty.



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