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Why partner with Bose

Deliver superior sound experiences to your customers by leveraging Bose’s renowned technology and brand. Bose has devoted decades to advancing research in sound technology and audio innovation.

Technology licensing & ingredient brands

Sound by Bose
Powered by Bose

Technological innovation in sound is our foundation. It's woven into our DNA, driving every product and breakthrough discovery since Dr. Amar Bose founded the company in 1964. Be a part of the future of audio excellence with proprietary ingredient technologies dedicated to superior sound. Sound by Bose is the brand backing our technology, a mark of distinction for superior sound quality and performance. Powered by Bose serves as a springboard for expanding our reach in the hearing and health space.

Our partners

moto buds+ with Sound by Bose

Motorola launched moto buds+ with Sound by Bose for an earbud where collaboration meets innovation. These buds are tuned by Bose engineers to deliver a best-in-class audio experience for the consumer, including active noise cancellation and adjustable EQ.

Motorola’s moto buds+ with Sound by Bose and their charging case

Lexie Hearing Aids Powered by Bose

Lexie’s world-class customization and Bose’s superior sound technology come together to provide affordable hearing aids that instill confidence in millions of users with mild to moderate hearing loss. Lexie Hearing Aids Powered by Bose deliver superior sound and fit for an audio experience that’s uniquely tailored to the consumer.

Lexie B2 Plus self-fitting OTC Hearing Aids in their case next to the product’s carton

Benefits of our partnership

Leading tech
Benefit from our cutting-edge technology and drive for innovation to enhance your current and future market position.

Brand value
Join forces with a powerful brand distinguished by its market presence, track record of innovation, and customer loyalty.

Product expansion
Forge comprehensive and competitive product strategies to foster sustained growth.

Dedicated support
Access to a dedicated Bose team specializing in marketing, engineering, and licensing expertise.

Streamlined process
Receive clear brand guidelines, collaborative marketing efforts, and efficient asset approval.

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