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Fill your entire home with sound

Stream your favorite playlists and podcasts in any room — or every room in the house. Connect Bose Home Audio products over Wi-Fi® and simply add more speakers, soundbars, or amplifiers to create a multi-room system.



Layout of a home


Bring everything you watch to life. You can also connect to other Bose Smart Speakers around your home to wirelessly stream all your favorite music platforms.


No room left behind. Get powerful sound for your kitchen and bedroom, or take your streaming music around the house with our portable speaker.

Play your music everywhere ...

Take your dinner party from the dining room to the garden and back. By grouping all of your speakers together over Wi-Fi®, everyone can enjoy the same listening experience no matter where they are.

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... or switch it up per room

For when everyone’s got their own agenda, the Bose Home Audio System allows you to stream content to individual rooms. So Mom can listen to her audiobook, while Dad’s jamming to his Yacht Rock playlist on the grill, and the kids are watching a movie.

Play any content

Use the Bose Music App to stream everything you listen to from a variety of music services.* You can also stream directly to speakers using Bluetooth®, Apple Airplay 2, Chromecast Built-In or Spotify® Connect.

* Music services may vary and may not be available in all languages and countries.

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Starting is easy

The Bose Music App takes care of everything in a few simple steps.

Smartphone displaying the Bose Music app
Woman holding a smartphone controlling products with the Bose Music app

It’s all in your hands

Easily control your system from any room. Start listening, adjust volume, group speakers to play in sync, control sound settings, and more.


Add some oomph

Give your home audio system that extra bass or surround sound it deserves.

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