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Bose® StayHear® tips (2 pairs)


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Two pairs of StayHear silicone tips for Bose FreeStyleâ„¢ earbuds, SoundSportâ„¢ in-ear headphones, SoundTrueâ„¢ in-ear headphones and all versions of Bose mobile in-ear headsets.

Key features

  • Greater in-ear stability during running and other activities
  • Made of washable silicone
  • Total of four, black large-sized tips in pack
  • Choose from S/M/L sizes

Compatible products

  • FreeStyleâ„¢ earbuds
  • SoundSportâ„¢ in-ear headphones
  • SoundTrueâ„¢ in-ear headphones
  • SIE2/SIE2i sport headphones