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Bose Candidate Terms and Conditions

Effective Date: May 9, 2023

Bose is an equal employment opportunity employer. Qualified applicants are considered for positions without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, ancestry, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, genetic information, or any other consideration made unlawful by applicable federal, state, or local laws.

I certify that all the information furnished on this application is true, complete, and correct to the best of my knowledge. I understand that any false statement or omission at any stage of the application or hiring process can result in denial of employment, or, if I am already employed when such false statement or omission is discovered, immediate termination of my employment.

I understand that any information furnished in this application will not necessarily preclude my employment but will instead be used as part of an overall evaluation of my qualifications.

To the extent I learn any Bose confidential information during the application process, I agree not to disclose it to anyone outside the Company, and I understand I may be asked to enter into a separate confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement. Similarly, I understand that I should not divulge any proprietary, non-patented information belonging to others or me to the Company during the application process.

I understand that the information contained in the job description to which I am applying is intended to be general in nature, and is not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills required of individuals in the position. I further understand that, except for employment at-will status, if hired my hours, working conditions, job assignments and expectations, and compensation will be subject to change in the sole discretion of the Company and/or as permitted by applicable law.

I understand that, after a conditional offer of employment, the Company may, in accordance with all applicable laws in applicable jurisdictions, ask that I submit to a pre-employment background investigation which may include inquiries into criminal history. I understand that I will be asked to review and execute the requisite disclosure and authorization forms for the background investigation. I understand that for certain positions, I may be required to submit to a drug test in accordance with applicable law and the Bose Corporation drug testing policy. I further understand that the results of these inquiries could disqualify me from employment with the company and cause any conditional offer of employment to be rescinded.

I understand that Bose participates in the E-Verify program for U.S.-based positions in order to comply with I-9 requirements.

I understand that this employment application is not an offer of employment, and that my submission of this application does not indicate that there are positions open, nor does it obligate Bose or any of its subsidiaries or affiliates to employ me.

I understand that, if I am hired by the Company as a U.S. employee, that I will be an at-will employee, which means that the employment relationship can be terminated by either me or the Company at any time and for any reason not prohibited by law, with or without cause or notice. I understand that the Company has the right to unilaterally modify and/or terminate at any time any rules, regulations, policies, practices, procedures, and standards it has adopted or implemented. I understand that I may be required to sign a confidentiality and non-disclosure agreement in connection with any employment with the Company.

I understand that by submitting an application to Bose I agree to the above terms.