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A message from our President and COO

Jim Scammon, President and Chief Operating Officer

While the past year tested us, we’ve emerged stronger and more resilient.

We faced many challenges that deepened our understanding of each other, the communities we live in, and the planet we share. Our most important responsibility couldn’t have been clearer: we focused on keeping our employees and their families safe as the pandemic spread around the world. Beyond government mandates, we put extra precautions in place to provide peace-of-mind during months of uncertainty and fear.

We spent the year working remotely to meet commitments to our customers and partners, but we also did comprehensive planning to make sure we were prepared to re-open our offices around the world when the time came. It has, and we’re ready. We know everyone’s lives have changed, and some of the solutions we created in 2020 for balancing home and work will transfer to our post-pandemic culture, becoming part of our new normal.

We also continued to make progress on other social and environmental challenges. We formalized our Inclusion, Equity & Diversity program after spending a year learning about ourselves with the counsel and guidance of our fellow employees. The impact of this work was challenged as we faced the racial divisiveness that swept the United States and started conversations inside Bose we’ve never had before. We needed to be more interested in what we didn’t know already. And we didn’t want to respond with gestures. We wanted to be sincere.

Our timeless beliefs helped guide us.

At their best, company values are an awesome and serious responsibility—a worthwhile burden to be better people who serve a greater good. Our founder, Dr. Amar Bose, had a vision beyond products. He wanted his company to be a place where everyone could reach their fullest human potential. We have to be accountable to that every day. We owe it to anyone who wants to join Bose and everyone who already works here. In turn, our people have to willingly contribute to creating that climate. That’s not new, but it’s taken on new meaning over the last twelve months.

I want to thank our employees for their courage, feedback, and remarkable resilience in FY21.

Jim Scammon
President and Chief Operating Officer