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A message from our President and COO

Jim Scammon, President and Chief Operating Officer

At Bose, we're committed to achieving a positive Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) impact and continuously evolving our maturity in this area. This past year brought significant challenges across the globe as we battled the ongoing pandemic, debated the shifting work environment, and faced new geopolitical instability and continuing supply chain disruptions. Through it all, our employees worked tirelessly to innovate new products, deliver value in creative ways, and make a difference in our communities through volunteering and corporate giving initiatives. 

To drive real change, we realize the need to extend social and environmental accountability beyond our day-to-day operations. Our Planeteers Employee Resource Group helps raise awareness of and promotes advocacy for environmental protections, and sponsors initiatives that have a positive impact inside and outside of Bose. Furthermore, with our commitment comes the responsibility to make sure that our suppliers adhere to these same ESG and responsible sourcing practices. 

Reflecting the societal focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion, we've experienced a significant level of passion and engagement from employees across the company in this area. To help harness that energy to drive meaningful progress, we created a new Diversity Council this year, comprised of Bose employees worldwide. Designed to ensure that all voices are heard, this council aims to help local leaders foster an environment of elevated trust, safety, and wellbeing for all. 

When Dr. Amar Bose founded our company in 1964, he focused on not only bringing new ideas and innovative products to market, but also to changing the way people experience music. As an educator and researcher, he was committed to curiosity, creative engagement, and collective problem solving — all of which form the heart of our business today and are core to solving ESG challenges in our industry, our communities, and across the world. 

This report details our performance and initiatives, but time and innovation never stand still. As we move through this year, Bose will continue to evolve and improve, accelerating toward new products, more extraordinary user experiences, and more impactful sustainability strategies.

Jim Scammon
President and Chief Operating Officer