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Placing the system components

Place your system using the following guidelines:

On the bottom of each speaker, attach one set of small rubber feet.

Place the left and right speakers:

  • At least 3 feet apart
  • Within 3 feet of the TV screen
  • Near the front edge of any shelf
  • Straight ahead (not angled) to face the listening area

On the legs of the Acoustimass® module, attach the large rubber feet

Place the Acoustimass module as follows:

  • At the same end of the room as the speakers and your TV
  • At least 3 feet from the TV to prevent interference with the screen
  • At least 2.5 feet from audio or video tapes to prevent magnetic damage to them
  • Within reach of the cable from the interface module and an AC (mains) power outlet
  • With the front port aimed out from or along a wall for balanced performance
  • Hidden under a table, behind a sofa or chair, or behind curtains

Place the interface module:

  • On a flat surface near the TV and other home theater equipment
  • Within 15 feet of the Acoustimass module


  • The Acoustimass module is the only part of this system that connects to a power outlet
  • The interface module receives commands from the remote control and provides audio input connections for the CineMate system. The remote control commands allow you to turn the speakers on, change the volume, and mute or turn off the speaker system
  • If you position the interface module on a shelf, make sure the front edge of the module is flush with the front edge of the shelf. If on a high shelf, make sure the front edge of the module extends slightly past the front of the shelf, so the shelf does not block signals from the remote control. Do not place in direct sunlight
  • Peel the protective film off the lens on the front of the interface module before using
  • The remote should have a clear line of sight to the interface module, the TV and any other equipment it will control


  • When positioning the interface module, avoid blocking any ventilation openings on the TV or other electronic equipment
  • Do not place the Acoustimass module in an enclosure, on a bed, on a sofa, or on a surface that can block the ventilation openings on the bottom and rear of the module

The following show suggested placement for your system.

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