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Understanding LED indicator status lights and information

Find out what the LED indicator light on your product tells you about the status of your product.

SoundSport Free Wireless Headphones LED Status Indicators

Headphone Bluetooth® LED Status Indicator (on the earbuds)

LED State Description
Blinking blue Ready to connect
Blinking white Connecting
Solid white Connected
Note: Once connected, the Bluetooth indicators turn off after 10 seconds
Blinking green Updating software
Solid or blinking red Error: Contact Bose support

Headphone charging indicators (inside the charging case)

LED State Description
Slow blinking white Charging
Solid white Fully charged
Note: When fully charged, the charging indicators glow solid for a few seconds, then turn off.
Fast blinking white Error: Contact Bose support

Charging case battery level indicators

Number of LEDs Lit Battery Life Remaining
One 0% - 20%
Two 20% - 40%
Three 40% - 60%
Four 60% - 80%
Five 80% - 100%
Note: When charging, the last lit battery indicator blinks white. When the charging case is fully charged, all battery indicators glow solid white
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