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No album art shown in SoundTouch app for music library track

The SoundTouch app can display album art for the songs in your stored music library. If album art is not appearing, try the following:

Album artwork does not display

To see the album cover of currently playing track, refer to the app.

For computer music libraries, album art must be associated with each album track.

Album art must be embedded in individual audio files to be visible in the SoundTouch app. To embed images, use the program you use to manage your library. (i.e. iTunes, Windows media player etc.)

For NAS drive music libraries, determine how the drive reads album info.

Different NAS drives offer different features in their music servers. For album art, some might read art embedded in media files while others might require an album image in the album folder. Refer to the NAS drive documentation to determine what is needed for its music server to read album art.

If playing a Windows Media Player music library, album art might not appear in the SoundTouch app.

Album artwork for music streamed from a Windows Media Player music library linked to your SoundTouch account might not display corrently—or at all—in the SoundTouch app.

If artwork was added to the file after it was indexed by the SoundTouch music server, sync the music library.

Music library content automatically syncs every 15 minutes. If necessary, a sync can also be manually started at any time. For more info, see Syncing the Music Library.

Remove and re-add the music library.

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