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A lot of people put a lot of thought into our products. But we all do it with just one person in mind: you. That’s why we decided to manufacture ear cushions from a synthetic protein leather. And wrap headbands in Alcantara®. And use tempered glass for the top of our latest soundbar. And on and on and on. Because we believe all the details make all the difference between a product you’ll like and a product you’ll love. And that’s what makes all the difference to us.

Our innovations. Your emotions.

We invited real Bose customers to our headquarters to tell us about their real experiences with our products. Because this isn’t about what we make. It’s about why we make it.



This is just the beginning of the story. We want to hear your side of it, too. Share your experiences with your favorite Bose products, tag it with #MyBose, and check back to see if we feature it here.